‘Luigi’ is a Japanese font, with the Hiragana and Katakana Alphabet and a few Kanjis. When I started to study at a Japanese art university my typography teacher told me to give up on dreaming about becoming a Japanese font designer because I lack the internalised skill and sense for stroke balance to write the Japanese alphabet properly, something that every Japanese who grew up writing Japanese characters has from an early age. This font is a Japanese typeface that no Japanese would every be able to write in: The Japanese alphabets written by Luigi, who’s hand is only used to write roman letters.
The font specimen book shows example sentences that say things like “Can you eat raw fish?”, “Wow, you’re really good at holding your chopsticks!”, “Your Japanese is excellent!” - sentences that when you live in Japan as a foreigner hear a lot.


Across the Univers


Across the Univers is a danceable font based on the shape of Frutiger’s famous sans-serif font ‘Univers’. Each Letter is a dance step, an instructions to a dance movement. If you follow the numbered footsteps, you can literally dance letters and express words with your body. The specimen video of all 24 letters danced by interaction design students. The song they are dancing to is “D.A.N.C.E” by the french DJ-duo Justice, edited in alphabetic order. This work won the Applied Typography Student Grand Prix tand it was exhibited in several exhibition venues in Tokyo.